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Welcome to The Good Life

For those who missed it, this is our purpose: within these pages you will find reviews of the finer things in life.  We try to present these reviews for those of you who, like us, are on a budget.  We discuss premium hand-rolled cigars, fine wines, beers, and other savory adult beverages.

You may peruse our personal reviews of the finest (and not-so-fine) restaurants North Carolina has to offer.  Current and archival reviews of movies, music, literature and others from the world of entertainment.

Take a leisurely browse through our personal art gallery.  It will undoubtedly meet with your prurient interests.

For our pretentious, intellectual git audience, we have added a section of famous, infamous, and totally unknown quotes for your complete rejection.

In addition, you will find the finest collection of thought and opinion anywhere.  By the by, just in case you were wondering just who in the hell we are, click here.  Come on in, make yourself at home, and find out.
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